"Change My Breakfast Limited is a company committed to providing all our customers with exceptional service that delivers healthy, fresh, and delicious food to your doorstep. Unlike other companies that requires you to walk down the building, Change My Breakfast Limited simplify this process and saves your time by allowing you to get the food just by opening your door...


Our company has served thousands of people and gained hundreds of repetitive customers, saving their time and money not only because our product and service are affordable and convenient but also because we have the competitive advantage of having a group of passionate and competent employees who strongly identities with our moral principles and practices of putting the environment first and justice first...


When facing the choice between what’s profitable and what’s good for environment, we choose the second without hesitation: Unlike other companies that use plastic and inexpensive materials that blackens children’s lungs and pollutes the air and the ocean, Change My Breakfast Limited always uses packaging that is environmentally friendly and biodegradable because we believe that our children deserve to live in a bright and beautiful world with blue sky and blue ocean...


Unlike other companies that say how much they care about justice in society with words, Change My Breakfast Limited does it with action: We do not hire or fire people on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation, or race. We pay all our employees equally by the fair system of commission. Our leaders and executives recognize that their skills and successes are also dependent upon privilege and mere luck other than hard work.


Because of our values and visions, the ways that people are treated, positions are assigned, and profits are spent  in Change My Breakfast Limited would be an epitome and celebration of a fair system and just society."

-Change My Breakfast Limited